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Psychology–Unit 7 PowerPoints

Here are they are…enjoy!

Module 20–Sleep, Dreams, and Body Rhythms

Module 21–Hypnosis

Module 22–Drugs

Psychology–Dream Journal

Use this sheet to complete your assignment. It is due 4/22. Happy sleeping :)

Dream Journal

Psychology–Unit 6 PowerPoints

Use these for notes in class and to help with your test/quiz…

Module 15–Classical Conditioning

Module 16–Operant Conditioning

Module 17–Observational Learning

Module 18–Information Processing

Module 19–Forgetting and Memory Construction

Psychology–Stress Relief Project

Here are the directions…try not to stress out :)

Stress Relief Activity

Psychology–Portfolio Project

You have all semester to work on this…but don’t wait until the last minute to get it done!

Portfolio Project

Portfolio Rubric

Psychology–Thought Journals

Here they are…I am only collecting #s 1-20 tomorrow.

Thought Journals

Psychology–Unit Four PowerPoint Notes

Have fun with these!

Module 7 and 8 charts

Module 7–Neural and Hormonal Systems

Module 8–The Brain

Module 9–Sensation

Module 10–Perception

Brain Webquest

Use this to help complete the assignment…

Brain Webquest

Male vs. Female Brain

Sociology–Portfolio Project

Here it is…good luck! It’s not due until May, but don’t wait until the last minute to complete it.

Choosing the Issue

Portfolio Rubric

Project in a Nutshell

Step 1–The Basics

Psychology–Baby Egg Project

Here are the directions and grading rubric. Happy parenting! :)

Baby Egg Project

Baby Egg Rubric