No Homework until after the CRCT

Tomorrow the CRCT Testing begins. Each student needs to bring 2 -#2 pencils, no mechanical pencils are allowed to be used on the test. Students must also bring a fiction book to read. Students are not allowed to have any technology related device in the classroom during testing ( phones, i-pods, kindles, watches that beep, ect…)

Reminders: Tennessee Aquarium and Stars and Strikes field Trip forms are due no later than Monday, April 28th.

Links for the Leap into Cell Structure

Cell division in frog embryo

Why frogs are green

Antifreeze like blood

Today we continued our Frog review of the year with a cell scavenger hunt. We will quiz over the green frog cell review sheet on Tuesday.

Frog dissection on Monday

List the levels of classification


Here is a review powerpoint for the quiz

The quiz will also cover the levels of classification


6 Kingdoms

Warm-up: Describe a scientific name.

We will have a quiz Wednesday over classification and spiders

Warm-up: List three types of fossils

Homework: Quiz Thursday over Geologic time scale

Warm-up: If white colored monster is dominant over a blue monster,why can’t you have a heterozygous blue monster?

Quiz Wednesday over pagers 194-200 in the text

Today we took our cumulative exam.

If you scored poorly you can begin extra credit with USA Test preps over the break.

Warm-up: Write three sentences in which you describe the goal of yesterdays activity.

Today we completed the peppered moth on-line activity, dog selective breeding, and USA Test preps. You need to complete at least two of the USATest preps

warm-up: What is a vestigial structure?

Quiz Wednesday over evolution vocabulary

Warm-up: If you cross a heterozygous stalk eyed monster with a homozygous unstalked monster,what are the chances of having a stalked child


Quiz tomorrow Here are the notes if you can’t locate them

evolution scavenger

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