Apr 14

The 1st day of research is always previewing the information you find.

You will NOT be taking notes or citing sources today. You may wish to bookmark your websites & articles that you find.


  • School: McClure Middle School, Kennesaw, GA
  • Username: Your lunch #
  • Password: read

Two resources to use today:

  • Opposing Viewpoints-Provides over 14,000 opposing viewpoints essays on over 5,000 topics of interest for students and researchers.
  • SweetSearch-a search engine where every web site has been evaluated by research experts.

 For tomorrow-make sure you can access your EasyBib account.

Apr 09


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Apr 09


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Apr 08

Resources to get you started in your research:

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Mar 24

*Well, kind of social…see, we like to block social media stuff around here ;)

So, for your independent reading project, you’re going pretend that you are the main character of your book and choose a social media platform with which to pretend to share their feelings and life. Choose wisely:

social media

  • Download the template for your chosen social media format:
    • facebook1
      • Things to consider for your character: Who would their friends be? What would they ‘like’? What would their posts sound like? What pictures would they post?
    • instagram1
      • Things to consider for your character: What pictures would your character take? What type of filters would they use? Who would follow them? What would their friends comment on their pictures?
    • pinterest1
      • Things to consider for your character: What type of things would they ‘pin’? What type of boards would they create?


  • Here’s where you should get your photos:



  • You may wish to use one of these nifty sites to edit your photos & make them all instagram-y & cool:
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Mar 19

Starting today and going until we run out of suckers, you can donate $0.50 for a chance to win a Book Fair gift certificate (and get a free sucker)!cactus

Some suckers are worth a $5 Book Fair certificate, while others are just worth the sweet treat of itself. How lucky will you be?

Remember, the Book Fair begins on Monday at 8:20! We have TONS of great books for $5 or less this year!

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Mar 14

Mar 11

Please log in to your MackinVia account.

  • School: McClure Middle School, Kennesaw, GA
  • Usermane: Lunch #
  • Password: read

Planning Sheet

When you are finished with your planning sheet, you can make your Bio Cube.

EasyBib- giving credit to your sources is easy when you use this!

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Mar 10

Presentation1Today, we’ll be learning about the Reconstruction period in Georgia as well as trying out a new technology tool, Nearpod.

  1. Open this Nearpod link.
  2. Join the Session for your class period:
    1. 3/4- IAQKT
    2. 5- WPSOF
    3. 6- UPGFS
    4. 7- EGTHB
    5. 8- OSCVY
  3. Await further instructions. :)


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Mar 05

Hover your cursor over the image below to show links you can use to discover more about this month’s topic.

Check out ANY book from our media center that contains mystery or mayhem to get your 14 Books in 2014 slip. Don’t forget, we’re still drawing weekly prize pack winners from the slips on Mondays.

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