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GHSGT Review Information

In order to better prepare you for the Georgia SS High School Graduation Test, please navigate through the following information:

Below you will find a powerpoint with review questions for the Social Studies Graduation Test.  The answers are on the LAST slide (try not to peek :D) US History GHSGT Review

 Benchmark Codes  – Open the attached powerpoint to locate the Benchmark Codes for each portion of the USA TESTPREP Review.  To access each of the 5 Benchmarks available on USA Test Prep, please (1) log in to USA TestPrep (, (2) Click on the EOCT tab at the top, (3) Select US History, (4) Select “Take a Benchmark”, and (5) Enter the Benchmark code when prompted.  There are 5 benchmarks, each covering a different section of the US History portion of the GHSGT. 

US HISTORY UNIT by UNIT Reviews (answers are on the last slide – BUT try on your own first)

[Units 1, 2, 3, and 4 are US History TO 1865 & Units 5, 6, 7, and 8 are US History from 1865 to the present]
Unit 1 – Colonization –> Unit1 Review
Unit 2 – Constitution –> Unit 2 Review
Unit 3 – New Republic –> Unit 3 Review Game
Unit 4 – Civil War & Reconstruction –> Civil War & Reconstruction Review
Unit 5 – Gilded Age –> Unit 5 Review
Unit 6 – Becoming a World Power (includes Spanish-American War & WWI) –> Review_Unit_6
Unit 7 – Boom, Bust, and Doom Jeopeardy Review (includes Roaring 20s, Depression, and WWII) –>  11.26 jeopardy round 1 &
11.26 jeopardy round 2
Unit 8 – Modern Era (1945 – present) –> Final_Exam_review_irespond

US HISTORY TIMELINE REVIEW –> US History Major Event timeline – KEY

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