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Unit Resources (Study Guides)

Below you will find the resources available to review and prepare for each unit’s assessment (test or quiz).  Please download and print to assist you when studying. 

Reformers Who Am I? - WHO_AM_I





Don’t forget to visit as well for games, quizzes, and tests when studying for US History :D

Study Guides:

Unit 1 (Colonization to Revolution):Unit 1 Review
Jeopardy Review for HUSH – Unit 1 Review – Honors
Unit 2 (Constitution ):

Unit 2 review
Presidental Body Bios
Unit 2 Binder

I-Respond Review – Unit 3 Review Game

HUSH Jeopardy Reviews – 9.12 jeopardy round 1; 9.12 jeopardy round 2; 9.12 Final Jeopardy

I-Respond Review Unit 2 – Unit 2 Review

Unit 3 (Reforms):

HUSH Unit 3 Jeopardy – Unit 3 Review Honors

Reformers Webquest Directions and Instructions Page Underground RR webquest


Unit 4 (Civil War – Reconstruction):

Civil War and Reconstruction Study Guide – UNIT 4 REVIEW

Civil War HUSH REVIEW – Unit 4 Review – Honors

Civil War and Reconstruction Binder (Table of Contents) – Unit 4 Binder

Civil War Map Images -

Use this map in the completion of your Civil War Map from class

Use this map in the completion of your Civil War Map from class

Use this map for assistance in completing your Civil War Map

Use this map for assistance in completing your Civil War Map

Unit 4 Reviews (I-Respond and Trivia):

Civil War & Reconstruction Trivia Review
Civil War & Reconstruction Review

Unit 5 (Gilded Age):

Dream Deferred Images

American Indians



African Americans

Gilded Age Review - REVIEW 5

Gilded Age Jeopardy Review – Unit 5 Review – Honors

Gilded Age Table of Contents – Table of Contents

HUSH GILDED AGE NEWSIES REVIEW DOWNLOADS - newspaper.secretary.researcher[1]

You are to open one of the two files (they are the same, one is formatted in publisher, the other in word) and create a Gilded Age Newpaper reflecting what you have learned throughout this unit.  ***The newspaper is due at the end of class***

You may work individually, in pairs (2), or small groups of NO MORE THAN 3 

***I-Repond Review for those desiring further resources to review for FRIDAY’S TEST*** Unit 5 Review


Unit 6 (Becoming a World Power):

Unit 7 (Roaring 20s – WWII):

HUSH Commercials Reading Resources – I have attached the readings for the commercials, skits, broadcasts, etc. you are to create and present on Monday in class.  Please refer to them if you need extra information.  YOU are responsible as a GROUP for ‘teaching’ this information with regards to the Roaring 20s to the class.  I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!

The Red Scare RR
The Mass Media RR
The Jazz Age RR
Social Tensions RR
Prohibition RR
Popular Music RR1
Harlem Renaissance RR
Automobile RR

Unit 7 Review Guide (remember, the Unit 7 TEST is in 2 PARTS) – Unit 7 Review

Unit 8 (Modern Era): 



Modern History Regular
honors jeopardy for final exam

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