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Rules & Expectations

Classroom Policy

Students should come to class with all of the necessary materials for the day; this will always include a class binder (with notebook paper) and a pen or pencil.  Additionally, in order for us to share in open minded discussions about the diversity in this country, we must all treat each other with the utmost respect.


Mandatory Binder

Please purchase a 1 inch binder that you can dedicate solely to US History.  Your binder will need sections for each unit of the class (8 total units)


1.)     Unit 1 – Colonization to Revolution
2.)     Unit 2 – Constitution
3.)     Unit 3 – New America                 
4.)     Unit 4 – Civil War
5.)     Unit 5 – Gilded Age
6.)     Unit 6 – World Power
7.)     Unit 7 – 20s, 30s, & 40s
8.)     Unit 8 – Cold War & Modern Era


Grading Scale

Homework = 10%
Participation & Binder = 10%
Tests = 30%
Projects = 20%
Quizzes = 10%
EOCT = 15%
Final = 5%

Student Performance Goals

I:  Student Expectations

  1. Preparation – Students should bring all materials to class with assignments complete.
  2. Participation – Students engaged in classroom activities from bell to bell.
  3. Accountability – Students are proactive in the learning process including timely completion of all assignments including make-up work.

II: Parental Support Suggestions

  1. Preparation – Check blogs for student assignments and assist students with acquiring necessary class materials.
  2. Participation – Remain in contact with teacher via email and teacher blogs.
  3. Accountability – Utilize Pinnacleàbe aware of progress and report cards distribution and check for attendance and tardies.

III: Behavior Goals—enforced in accordance with student handbook

  1. Cell phone = automatic administrative referral.
  2. Tardies will be strictly enforced and doors will be closed at the final bell.
  3. Dress code policy will be enforced.
  4. 3 restroom privileges per month (no roll-overs)
  5. Incomplete or late unit assignments are due by the end of the unit assessment and will not be accepted once the unit is complete (i.e., unit test).
  6. Make up policy: after school or during lunches via appointment
  7. Retake Policy: Students may retake ONE test during the semester, but MUST be done within 10 school days of the original test date.

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