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US History

1st & 3rd Period US History – Spring Semester 2014

WELCOME to United States history!  This semester, you will involve yourselves in everything US history related.

Each week, there will be workbook pages assigned for HW; it is YOUR responsibility to complete ALL assigned workbook pages and have them ready for TURN in ON FRIDAYS!!! 

Workbook pages NOT turned in when collected in class will be LATE (meaning a 50% deduction in your HW grade for that week).  Workbook pages turned in AFTER collected in class (even if the SAME day) are considered LATE Please be prepared and stay up to date with the US History calendar provided with the course syllabus.

If you have questions, please email me @ or

End of War Notes - NOTES_on_the_end_of_War_newest

Textbook Pages Industry & Transportation: 


Mexican-American War Notes: Mexican_American War Notes

US History Weekly HWWeekly HW

For Performance Tasks/ProjectsPerformance Task Downloads (Projects)

Syllabus - US_Syllabus_Dorrough_SPRING

Calendar of Events/Due Dates 2014 US Spring calendar – Student

What is US history? Wordle

Wordle: What is US history?  Day 1

Middle Passage Experience Prezi –

Foreign Policy Newsletter (Images) & Example/Template: Foreign Policy Newsletter Example; pictures for foreign policy newspaper

Factory & Labor (the debacle that led to reform) Notes: Factory and labor

Reform Movements PowerPoints:

1. Education, Prison, and Temperance - reform movements_edu_prison_temp

2. Anti-Slavery and Women’s Rights - reform movements_abol_women

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