Welcome to Social Studies-P.James

October 23,2013

Greetings Tapp Scholars,

We are working on the following standards for the next few weeks:

SS6H6-The student will analyze the impact of European exploration and colonization on various world regions.

SS6H7-The student will explain conflict and change in Europe to the 21st century.

This week, our focus is WWI and the events surrounding WWI.  Click on Europe to review the causes of WWI. Some important vocabulary words to know are:militarism- alliance- imperialism- nationalism- Allied Powers- Central Powers- Ottoman Empire- czar- Treaty of Versailles

Next week, we will begin a DBQ, Document Based Questioning.  Students will need to have sharpened pencils and a highlighter. We will analyze documents during this time.  The work will be done in class each day.  I am looking forward to seeing some great work.

October 1,2013

Greetings Tapp Scholars,

This week, we are working on the explorers of Europe.  Each student has a red sheet with information on the explorers.  Students will need to be familiar with the accomplishments of the explorers on the red sheet.  The red sheet should be placed in the Social Studies notebook as a reference for future assignments on exploration.  In class, we are working on an explorer postcard.

September 23,2013

Greetings Tapp Scholars,

Today each student recieved a study guide on orange paper.  We went over answers in class and the test is tomorrow.  If you are absent today, you will get your study guide tomorrow and take the test on Wednesday.  The study guide consists of notes that you have taken in class. On Wednesday, we will begin our unit on “Historical  Understandings”. The standard is SS6H6- The student will analyze the impact of European exploration and colonization on various world regions.

September 17,2013

Greetings Tapp Scholars,

There will be a quiz on tomorrow,Wednesday,over evironmental issues and the three religions.  Use the yellow sheet with your notes to study for the quiz.  This week,  we will also discuss the cultural characterisics of Europe.  This includes literacy rate,industrialized countries,third world countries,and Gross Domestic Product.  Students will have a unit test on Tuesday.  If students would like to start studying, please use the notes on the orange and white sheets.

September 11,2013

Greetings Tapp Scholars,

This week, we will discuss evironmental issues in Europe.  We will also discuss the cultural characteristics of the people of Europe.  There will not be a quiz this week.

September 3, 2013

Greetings Tapp Scholars,

We will have a test on Thursday over the maps,the Five Themes of Geography,and some geography terms.  For homework each night, you will need to study.  If you have lost your notes, use the “Geography ” section of the blog. Use your orange sheet that you were given today as a study guide.

1. Five Themes

2. Equator-Prime Meridian-7 continents-4 oceans-physical map and political map of Europe

3. climate-trade barriers-population density-channel-peninsula-strait-continental divide-mountain range

August 26,2013 -Social Studies

Greetings Tapp Scholars,

This week,we will have a map quiz over the political and physical features of Europe.  The quiz is scheduled for this Thursday.  Each night, you will need to study both sides of the map.  In class, we will discuss environmental issues in Europe as well as the impact of location,climate,natural resources,and population distribution on Europe.  Remember that you have a map quiz on Thursday.  Remember to study the political map and the physical map.

Social Studies

Greetings Tapp Scholars,

We are off to a great start.  We are working on “The Five Themes of Geography” as the themes relate to Social Studies.  We are also focusing on some basic geography terms.  Click on “Geography ” on my blog to view the information discussed in class.  After clicking on “Geography” ,click on “Geography 101″ and “The Five Themes of Geography” to review .  Students have two graphic organizers in their Social Studies notebooks.  It is the same information that is on the blog.  Use this information to study.  There will be a quiz on Tuesday, August 20th over this information. 

For the remainder of the week, we will begin our study of Europe.   We will focus on a political map and a physical map of Europe. Please have colord pencils or crayons with you.  We will also begin our discussion of environmental issues in Europe.

May 6-May 16,2013

Greetings Tapp Scholars,

This week, we will work on a variety of projects involving kites.  We will create technology presentations with specific requirements.

March 25- March 29,2013 – 1st and 4th periods

Greeting Tapp Scholars,

This week, we will work in collaborative groups to complete the following:


-Columbian Exchage-Article-Triangular trade-Article-project

Colombian Exchange Important-Regular

Columbian Exchange Menu

Columbian Exchange – Triangular Trade Important – Regular

Project-Toussaint L Overture

Project-Simon Bolivar

Project-Miguel Hidalgo

Project-Jose San Martin


Bloom Ball Questionaire

Bloom Ball Notes Sheet